Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wow, Meditation Good! I Almost Forgot How Much So!

I know I've preached about this before, many, many times. But sometimes I, like most people, get so caught up in the moment, in the unimportant nonsense that goes on around us every day that I forget the power of meditation. But then, something drives me to that breaking point, where I'm about to snap. It's then that I stop everything and meditate. And it NEVER ceases to amaze me the results. How I can go from so stressed and angry and frustrated to so calm and worry free in 10 - 15 mins for free with minimal effort anywhere at anytime.

As I've said before, for years I tried to meditate. Most of my life failing due to my mind racing and the inability to blank out thoughts. I tried everything I could think of, every idea I heard of, I even went so far is to try to picture a blank piece of white paper (an idea I got from the tv show The Greatest American Hero lol). And it was always constant fail. IF it wasn't a racing mind it was me just falling asleep at what I now guess would've been the exact point my mind would've been clear.

Then many years ago I thought I had figured it out. I thought I was meditating right. I was doing everything I had read about and seen. But it never seemed to do anything so I figured it was all a load of crap.

Couple years back I discovered a game, yes a GAME. On my Nintendo DS called Ninja Reflex. It had an entire section on mediation, why to meditate, and even a guided meditation. When I did it I realized something was different right away. The guided meditation unlike doing it on my own gave me something to focus on instead of trying to blank out racing thoughts and not fall asleep. I had a focal point. I felt better afterwards and was like wow, that really was something words can't explain. Something that can only be experienced for ones self.

I then began looking up more info on guided meditation and discovered a man, a great man. Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Rinpoche is his title not part of his name. He's a Tibetan Buddhist monk AND, this is what got me, he is not only a master of meditation who travels the world teaching and is revered by people the world over... But, he's a scientist and psychologist of western science. AND he has a great sense of humor. The guy is a win / win / win. He explains why meditation works in a scientific manner with humor to boot.

I found a guided meditation and instruction video of his on youtube that was like 11 or 12 mins long. I watched it. I listened to his almost hypnotic voice. And when I was done I was like WOW. All those years I thought I knew what I was doing I didn't know jack shit. I felt amazing, calm, rested, healthier, just really good overall.

I've since listened to his audiobooks, youtube videos, read his webpages, etc. I was trying to meditate every day but every now and then I forget, I get caught up in other things, I put it off, and it fades from my mind for a bit.

Then, some stupid crap like the silly EverQuest guild nonsense I been going through since last night happens. Where I think I'm doing what's right and yet somehow everyone turns it around and makes it into something it was never intended to be. I'm a Gemini and mostly Sicilian. My moods change fast, abruptly, violently, and without warning. I also have anxiety attacks and other emotional issues I don't care to discuss here. So, when something like that goes wrong I tend to snap and react first and think later. Which is lame considering my IQ and life experience I should know better than to act fully on emotion without stopping to consider logic.

But, eventually, inevitably, I get to that breaking point, the I'm about to have an anxiety attack and just go totally ballistic on everyone feeling. That feeling like my spirit or soul is gonna leap right out of my body and start kicking ass and taking names lol. Then I remember... Let me meditate. And I do it, and JUST LIKE THAT EVERYTHING IS BETTER! Sounds too good to be true to those that have not actually experienced it for themselves. And sounds even harder to believe to those that THINK they have meditated right but have in fact not. There is a reason people the world over throughout and likely before recorded history have meditated. There's a reason there's cave paintings, hieroglyphs, runes and markings about meditation in every culture throughout the world. Simple fact is, that shit works.

I am still sitting here amazed even after having done this tons of times before now. I was stressed, I was anxious, I was violent, I was upset, I was physically becoming ill, I had puked, and I was just about ready to kill someone, anyone. And now, I feel like I would expect a bear to feel after having waken from a long period of hibernation. All that happened before is gone. Everything feels so calm, new, relaxed. I feel fine physically. I feel so good I kinda wanna take a nap, but I won't yet. lol

I know I've posted this story so many times before. But I can never emphasize enough how amazing it is when you do it correctly.

Now, that in mind. The absolute worst thing you can do after having meditated to calm down from some nonsense is to go back into said nonsense. Because you will go right back to where you were before and it'll be like you never did anything. And, why would you want to? I mean I meditated to calm down and put that nonsense behind me so why in the world would I then go jump back into it? Only stupid people would do that and I am FAR from stupid if I do say so myself and yes, I do.

So, there it is. I feel great again. It's like nothing ever happened in the first place. And suddenly my mind is back on all those good things I was happy about before the stupidity. Like DCUO this week, 3DS next month, Portal 2 in April, Thor movie, Green Lantern movie, and all that other stuff.

Meditation is like the greatest thing ever. What else can I say?

Fuck It!

At roughly 5pm EST today I stopped giving a shit. That is all.