Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guildless Again!

Well, I couldn't get online for a couple days.  I arrive at my dad's house and finally get online to discover I no longer have a guild in EverQuest AGAIN!  This is getting old.  With my current internet problems I'm tempted to cancel all game accounts and just say goodbye to the internet entirely.  But, since the world itself just won't let that happen I'm stuck.  By the time I get my internet connection issues worked out everyone from my guild will have found new guilds and I'm gonna likely have a rough time ending up anywhere.  This doesn't make for much of a blog post but I'm pissed as hell and it's the only place that I can ramble on without character limits or language restrictions.  Damn games, damn internet, damn people, so sick of it all.

Ever see that one episode of um, well I don't remember what, some sci-fi show where the world is attacked by aliens and everything electrical stops working.  What was that?  Not ID4 or War of the Worlds, was that an episode of Twilight Zone or something?  Well anyhow, why can't that happen?  I could live without it if no one had it!  Internet and technology that is.

Bah, I'm tired and annoyed.  I'm going to go sit out behind my dad's house by the lake with some Madonna, a glass of wine, and watch the stars, he has starts here!  I mean he doesn't personally have stars but the sky above his house has stars that are actually visible to the naked eye!  You can't see that from my house.  My house you see a greyish yellow haze in every direction of the sky at night.  Only star you can see from my house is the Sun.  And it's quiet here, something else that I'm not use to, kinda freaky.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feeling Weirder Than Usual

Just feel weird.  Can't determine if it's being caused by mental, emotional, or physical issues.  Just feel strange inside.

Seem to have lost all interest in everything I had interest in.  Haven't been playing games, posting on facebook, logging on online, chatting, nothing.  Not been listening to music or watching much of anything anywhere, movies, tv, online, nothing.

Been mostly sleeping and staring at nothing.  Staring at my monitor desktop or the wall or ceiling.  Just doing nothing.

Just seem to have lost what was left of my motivation.  Not sure of the cause, not sure if it'll pass.  May be caused by any number of things from the full moon to being on Humira this last month, could be medical interaction, could just be boredom, or any combination of any of that or more.

Kinda reminds me of the feeling you get after having been drunk or high for a very long time and then having nothing.  After the withdrawals pass I mean.  That blank empty pointless feeling.  Except there's no real reason for me to feel like this right now.

Anyhow, next week I get 3 days of cat sitting for my dad while he goes on a Disney cruise.  Hopefully the change of scenery and quiet there will help.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

EverQuest Expansion 17

More space!  That's about the most important thing I have to say right there.  FINALLY, more space!  Increased inventory!  I don't know if they're adding more inventory slots on toon or in bank or bigger bags finally or what exactly but there will be more space!  If you had 5 ten slot bags full of LoN familiars on you for the last 2+ years you'd be excited too!

Other features worth mentioning, level cap going from 85 to 90.  =(  Boo, I hate, hate, hate level cap increases.

And finally, EverQuest joins every other MMORPG in existence by adding... drum roll...  dun dun duh...  Player Housing!

Yes there's other stuff, new zones, new aa's, new spells, blah blah.  But seriously, those are the only 3 that matter, more space, level cap increase, and player housing.

I believe it's slated for November of this year, don't quote me.  No idea of name or anything else yet.  Who cares?  MORE INVENTORY SPACE!!!  /happy dance

New Cel Phone

Unlike most things I post here and elsewhere, this post is not interesting, informative, or funny.  Ok, well maybe a little funny.  I just wanted to tell some friends without repeating myself ten times and without the 420 character restriction of evil facebook.

So, last week my mom's phone broke.  No clue how or why.  She started complaining and naturally came to me to fix it (like I can fix anything lmao not).  The 3g emblem kept flashing from 3g to 3g+ to 3 to E to 3g again.  And the signal strength was grayed out.  Being the electronic genius I am I knew exactly what to do, I called AT&T and asked them what it meant!  lol  They had me run some tests and check some stuff on the phone, most of which I think was just to make me feel like they were actually doing something.  The end result was the phone was broke.

Anyhow, regardless of whatever had happened to the old phone they let us know that we were both eligible for new phone upgrades (since we're on a family plan together with land line and cels and stuff cause it's cheaper).  So, at this point I was thinking oh wow and oh no at the same time.  My mom and I had the exact same phones, Samsung a707.  Apparently these were like the original 3g phones from Samsung.  Have had them about three and a half years.  They weren't smart phones, more like retarded phones.  Nothing could be put on standby or suspended.  If you got a call you would have to quit and loose all info connected to whatever you were doing if you wanted to answer it.  They only had a number pad where you have to hit the "1" key like 8x to get an "@" symbol.  Yeah, old, point made.

So, part of me got excited cause I was eligible for a new phone.  I was thinking, "ooh new electronics" and the techno geek in my was all giddy.  However, I had 58 games at $5-$7 each on the phone...  Sure I get to keep them on THAT phone, which I wouldn't be carrying with me making the whole point of having them pointless.  That's like $290-$406 plus over a dozen wallpapers and about a dozen ringtones and a couple apps.  I figure that's about $500 worth of crap I was gonna loose.  Well, AT&T said they would credit some back after we got new phones though, so I figured best to go for it and see what happens.

So began the three day nightmare of trying to find and choose new phones.  My mom who refuses to buy such things online decided we were going to go "shopping".  More like a treasure hunt or something.  In three days we went to Best Buy, 10 AT&T stores between Dade and Broward Counties, 6 or 7 Radio Shacks, 3 Walmarts, and 1 Target (they suck).  Finally ended up making purchase at the AT&T store in the Pembroke Lakes Mall.  If you've been keeping up with my status on facebook you know this is where the guy informed me that he, "liked my choice of widgets" lmao I'm still rofl about that one.

Final deal basically amounted to this, for $50 I got the Samsung Mythic a897 with ac adapter, free car adapter, free screen protectors, free case, my mom got the Samsung Impression a877 with ac adapter, free car adapter, free screen protectors, free case, and they credited the AT&T account $129 towards replacing games and apps and stuff and of course still got to keep old phone with all the games and crap anyhow.  So basically they paid us $79 to take these 2 expensive phones and all these accessories.  I'm still not sure how this deal ended up that good.  I guess maybe cause my mom has had that AT&T account since 1960 something.

Sadly, most, in fact nearly all games, apps, wallpapers, and ringtones I had seem to not be available anymore or are not compatible with this phone to redownload.  However I got some new ones, starting of course with the 3 classics, my personal favorites which I own about a dozen versions of each, Risk, Monopoly, and Scrabble, the 3 games no one ever beats me at, ever, never ever ever!  I will pwn anyone who's up to the challenge in any of those 3 games anytime anyplace!  Ok, enough of that, moving on...

Have spent the last week now trying to fix address book, calendar, etc.  Stupid SIM card really only copies names and like two phone numbers and 1 email address.  No land addresses, notes, bdays, etc. were saved.  And it stuck everyone's names, first middle last nickname all into the first name field.  So lotta work there between my phone and my mom's since she can't do crap on her own.

Trying to help my mom pick out and understand cel phones is a lot like trying to teach a turtle how to plot space shuttle trajectories and calculate launch windows.

And finally, here it is, the phone I got...

Samsung Mythic a897

Big features imo would be it has 3 main screens you can switch between by sliding left and right instead of the usual one screen.  It's camera has a flash (if I didn't already have an uber Konica Minolta digital camera this would matter more).  It has mobile tv and 4 stations are free (abc, cbs, nbc, & fox).  It has voice dialing (that refuses to dial who I tell it to! lol).  It has a nifty social media app that logs you into facebook, twitter, and myspace all at once and puts the streams from all 3 into one which is kinda cute, of course who still uses myspace...  It has touch screen and motion detection and vibration.  So you can turn it sideways and it switches from portrait to landscape mode automatically.  It has full QWERTY keyboard on touch screen.  It has a higher resolution screen than most other cel phones on the market right now.  It has an absurd amount of features and apps (most of which I'll likely never use).  The menu alone has 5 pages with 12 items on each page and that's not even everything it can can do.  And it doesn't seem to eat the battery like my old phone did.  Had this on standby now for over 4 days, plus used it a few times and watched 3 episodes of Bones and 2 episodes of NCIS and some Letterman and it still shows full charge.  My old phone ate batteries like Pac-Man on dots.

Ok, done rambling, just wanted to mention somewhere that I got nifty new phone.  Yay me!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Got New Glasses

I got new glasses to see I thought...
See what I forgot,
see what I've seen not.
I got new glasses to see I thought...
Wrinkles I've now got,
grey hair I had not.
I got new glasses to see I thought...
Scars through the years,
bums drinking beers.
I got new glasses to see I thought...
Dirt, dust and decay,
it won't go away.
I got new glasses to see I thought...
And now that I can see,
I see the things I wish were naught.