Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Like, OWWW! What The Heck?!?

So, I'm laughing about this now, but it was not so funny about an hour ago.

First off, I have osteoarthritis from taking prednisone and other medications for far too long to control my Crohn's disease. On top of my joints hurting and not always, uh, working right... (like they get stuck sometimes and creek and crack like always) I also tend to um, twitch sometimes. Not bad or anything, maybe once every other day it happens. Not sure if twitch is the best word. For example, I'll reach towards a drink to pick it up and when I start to reach my arm jerks forward at like ten times the speed I had intended causing me to knock the drink halfway across the room.

Well, so I was laying down and had an itch in the inner corner part of my right eye. So I took my glasses off with my left hand and attempted to scratch it with my right. That is so seriously not what ended up happening though lol. My muscles decided to twitch, my right elbow got like stuck, like locked, then cracked rather loudly and painfully and bam my hand flew rapidly towards my eye missing completely and smacking myself in the nose, hard. Next thing that happened could best be described as a yelp! Had a sharp pinching pain in my nose then my left eye watered up insanely out of control and I started chain sneezing, like I didn't have enough happening at that point I needed to start sneezing. By the 5th or 6th sneeze, with one eye freaking out and my nose hurting like crazy and tears running down my face I was huffing and puffing and just stunned and dazed and worn out. Was convinced for a bit that I managed to break my own nose rofl. That was quite the ordeal I must say.

Been about an hour maybe an hour and a half now and I seem to be fine again. Nose kinda sore but I'm not sneezing anymore and my eye quit watering. Although if I grab my nose and move it side to side my eye starts to water again, so yeah I probably shouldn't do that huh? lmao I'm having a total airhead moment right now. Just laughing at my own idiocy right now. I should sleep probably.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week From Hell Recap

Well, I'm still burnt out from stress and emotional chaos. Woke up about an hour ago after roughly 20 hours of sleep. And I'm just about ready to go back to sleep after I finish typing this.

Began last Sunday. My mom was required by her job to take an 8+ hour test online in order to continue working at this awful part time nightmare of a job that she should've quit by now anyway. Problem with is is several things. She does not own a computer. She will not use mine because it's "too dark and uncomfortable" for her, whatever that means. So, that leaves my dad's house. Next issue, my dad, like me has OCD and has to do everything a certain way. My mom, does not. Well, after several hours of arguing in circles about the light and the chair (you don't want to know) my mom finally got online. Enter the next problem, she couldn't login to the test on the website with the information she was given from work. We spent 3+ hours and could not even get her logged in. It said her username and pw were wrong when we entered it. She tried to register new and it said she couldn't because she already had an account. We tried retrieve lost pw and login and they sent it. We re-entered it like it said and it still said it was wrong. And of course being Sunday there was no one to help. This day ended with us having dinner and fighting for a few more hours over everything and anything imaginable. Mostly because my mom was convinced that her inability to login was somehow my fault or my dad's pc, which is was neither.

Then came Monday. This day involved my mom going to the doctor to discover she has super high off the chart cholesterol and is severely anemic again and the doctor wants her to check into the hospital, which is clearly not going to happen.

Tuesday, Judgement Day... The day the original Terminator movie declared as the day Skynet went live and the machines took over and launched the first attack on the humans. How fitting. We had to put the dog to sleep today. I'm very much not over this yet. My mom's dog (technically) but still was part of the family for 15ish years. Her name was Snuggles. We got her at the Humane Society where they told us she was a Chow. She was not. Well, maybe half? And half German Shepherd. Yeah, she got huge, well over 120 pounds, massive dog you could just about ride like a horse. But she was just a big dumb retarded bear. Yes, retarded. They said when we got her that she had had distemper. I'm not sure what that means honestly but we were told that affects their personality and behavior. Yeah, it does. This dog use to lick the air, walk backwards, breathe like she was hyperventilating all the time, she was quite odd. But, after all 13 of my operations and every long hospital trip my mom would pick me up and the first one to greet me at the door would be Snuggles, every time. Walking around past where she use to lay and eat and stuff is still...disturbing. Anyhow, my mom had a mobile vet come by. They arrived in a huge truck with 2 cars, 4 nurses and the doctor. Seemed like a bit much to me but idk. Doctor gave her something so she fell asleep slowly over 10 mins or so and then gave her another shot after that and well yeah... My mom was a mess, I was a mess, the stupid lawnman was there and even he was upset. If only the week had ended there.

Wednesday, day two of the test. My mom and I returned to my dad's house to attempt this yet again. This time, it let her log right in. I kept telling her see, they fixed it. Cause she called on Monday and they tried to say it was something on our end, but suddenly it was working. Another one of those they fixed something and don't want to admit to anything having been wrong things. I've had that happen to me several times myself on many sites and programs. Anyway, needless to say my mom was still convinced that somehow I caused the problems. Well, every time I tried to leave the room, go out to watch tv with my dad or anything, within a matter of seconds my mom would call me back. Issue one was she was refusing to use the mouse. The test and course was all click on the answer and drag and drop and check the circle and stuff and she refused to use the mouse because she doesn't like it and wants to do everything with the keyboard. I'm like wth. Next issue was that every term, every question, everything that popped up she had to ask my opinion on. To the point where I ended up hearing the entire course and having to help her on every question. This was maddening in many ways. First off, wtf, it's not my job or test. Secondly, there'd be like 10 questions and she'd ask me to answer 6 and she'd get 1 wrong out of 10 and it was my fault of course. Even though I'm sure the ones I answered were right! After 8+ hours of this I started drinking my dad's red wine and taking pain pills. And she didn't finish!

Thursday, I thought was going to be the one day I'd get some sleep, but no. I'll make this short, my mom decided I had to drive her to the bank, Publix, Walmart, Petsmart, CVS, and about 10 other places. I was at this point having medical issues from stress and lack of sleep during this whole week so far. I must have gone to the bathroom 30x that day, at least twice in every store. My insides were trying to escape my body I think. And when it was all done, the one thing I wanted out of all this was milk and the one thing I went home without was also milk. Not to mention the milkshake I got midway through the day to try to calm myself down was like bad or something. Had to go back cause it tasted like just horrible.

Friday, day 3 of this test from hell. The 8 hour test that ended up taking 15 hours. Throughout the day there were multiple issues with the testing program thing that had my mom call tech support 3x, one of which was an hour and a half call. ALL the problems were on THEIR end again btw. At one point it had her locked out for not answering security questions. But it never asked any. Another time it had locked her out completely because she was more than 20 mins on the same page. Each of these required calling and having a person on their end unlock it. I mean seriously, wth kind of online course is that? That's idiotic.

Anyhow, after spending $50 in gas that I didn't have to spend, which my mom reimbursed me a whopping $5 for and my dad gave me $20 at least. I get nothing out of all this but stress, medical flare ups, and sadness. Poor dog is gone. Got Portal 2 this week and have had less than an hour to even play it so far. Oh, and I never did get that milk I wanted. Saturday, slept 20ish hours. And here we are the week is finally over. Past midnight now so it's Sunday. And I'm now going back to sleep. I'm sad. I'm tired. And I feel like crap. And I miss the dog. =(

Almost neglected to mention my mom had me at the laundromat washing the old dog beds at 4am Friday night or Saturday morning after that all day of crap with that test and my dad and so forth.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Common Sense

What's common about it?

From the first 4 definitions only.
adjective, -er, -est, noun
belonging equally to, or shared alike by, two or more or all in question: common property; common interests.
pertaining or belonging equally to an entire community, nation, or culture; public: a common language or history; a common water-supply system.
joint; united: a common defense.
widespread; general; ordinary: common knowledge.

If that's true why is it that less than 1 out of every 100 people I meet, encounter, or otherwise have to deal with is capable of adding 2+2 (if they even can) and doesn't have the expression of a drunken bear on their face when asked even the most simple of questions?

I call shenanigans on whoever came up with the phrase "common sense". My experiences show me that the amount of sense that is "common" is barely enough to tie one's shoe.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pet Peeve #248: Bag Boys That Put Two Gallons of Milk Into One Plastic Bag

Are there any plastic grocery bags capable of handling this? I think not! Not everyone can carry something that heavy even if the bag were to hold, I for one am just such a person. Do they not teach bag boys how to bag things before putting them on the job? Has common sense gone the way of the dodo?