Saturday, October 22, 2011

Titanic in 3D

My mom is perhaps the biggest titanic fanatic ever. My whole life she's always had two stories, two events, two whatever you wanna call them that she's been obsessed over. Titanic is number one, other is Jack the Ripper, don't ask me why.

So, she informed me that James Cameron is intending to remake the Titanic movie in 3D and apparently her and tons of other silly people are up in arms complaining. The thing I'm hearing mostly from what she's told me about this is that, "no one wants to see people die in 3D."

Ok, so I'm like, you realize if the Titanic were made now and released now it would've been in 3D. Big budget James Cameron movie would've totally been in 3D. So because the technology didn't exist at the time it was released we should ignore the technology now? What if it was made in the 1940's in black and white? And then what if in the 1970's someone wanted to colorize it? Would we say, "oh no we can't have the Titanic in color! No one wants to see people die in color!" What's the difference? And what of the future? "Oh now we can't remake Titanic in virtual reality, no one wants to see people die in virtual reality so let's just leave it in 3D!" I mean when does the idiocy stop?

I mean I'm thinking to myself the government if falling apart financially, medical issues run rampant, LGBTQ youth and adults are committing suicide and getting assaulted, there's wars, famine, energy crisis, weather changes, animal torture, joblessness, homelessness...

And people are actually finding time to bitch that the Titanic is being remade in 3D?!? Seriously? WTF, get some perspective people!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October, Not Quite What I Expected...

This was supposed to be the big month of great things. Had stuff planned every day just about. Conferences, groups, events, parties, doctors, and a dozen other things.

It started out good enough right on the 1st, like most months lol. Seriously though, October 1st and 2nd were great! Went to a two day conference that was pretty cool. Met plenty of awesome people and had a good time. Seemed like a great start to the great month...

Then that Monday came. Monday the 3rd. Right off had my gastroenterologist call to reschedule because he was sick and out of the office. That's fine, I've had him for 15 years and he has throat cancer, I understand and am thankful he's even still seeing me. Then my dad cancels because his friend is in the hospital. Ok fine. Then I had some legal issues to deal with and they all fell to crap. I was like great, that's one day, whatever.

Since then I've had my hair removal laser broke, my best friend was sick so didn't make it to drumming circle, had to reschedule legal stuff, had to reschedule blood work. And it's been like that for the most part.

I did get to go with my best friend on her big 40th bday to an open mic night at the UU church in Hollywood. That was cool. And I did get to visit my friend Val and her family and do some shots and watch a cool movie. But then this week started up and CVS gave me grief about filling a prescription because I had last filled it at a different CVS. I went to my primary doctor today and they didn't even have me down for an appointment, doctor wasn't even there. Despite that I have their appointment card with the time and date written down by them. And then the icing on the cake I get booted from my EverQuest guild without even the decency of being told. Can read more about that on my gaming blog HERE.

Oh, did I mention that I've been fighting a cold for three days? I mean seriously, unbelievable. I'm almost scared to do anything at this point with a track record like this.

However, I do have blood work and therapist rescheduled for tomorrow, group on Thurs., legal stuff rescheduled for Friday, and FIVE doctors rescheduled for next week! Not to mention the other things going on. And I'm now forced to app to a new guild in EverQuest. Hopefully this time all this stuff will work out.

With any luck though, I'll get everything taken care of, be it a week or two later than planned. And then by the 29th it should be PARTY TIME! Awesome party I'm looking forward to on the 29th to celebrate Halloween and several birthdays. Then the 31st is a Samhain Rite at the UU church. I already have two new costumes ready. Unfortunately I don't look as good in the Green Lantern woman's costume as I thought. It's still nice though. However, I look BAD ASS in the black suited Spider-Girl costume. Probably do Green Lantern for the party and Spider-Girl on the 31st because it's so comfortable too. It's a dress not a jumpsuit.

Anyway, I still have hope for October to be the greatest month ever despite the first half being rubbish.